Nuclear Spectrometry Lab

This laboratory is equipped for the detection and monitoring of ionizing alpha, beta and gamma radiation, using alpha detectors, GM counters, scintillation and HPGe detectors.

Ongoing research:

(in cooperation with the Laboratory for Radiation and Environmental Protection, Vinča Institute of Nuclear Sciences, Serbia)

  1. Investigation of the distribution of cosmogenic and anthropogenic radionuclei in soil, air, precipitation and agricultural crops, with the aim to develop a model for the prediction of their distribution in the environment.
  2. Continuous monitoring of 7Be (t1/2=53.3d), and its activity model development based on neuronal networks.
  3. Continuous monitoring of 90Sr (t1/2=28.8y) distribution in soil, as this radionuclide can exchange with Ca in bones.

For more information regarding these topics and collaboration, please contact:

Prof. Šćepan Miljanić, PhD:

Assist. prof. Marko Daković, PhD: